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Furnace Installations
& Replacements

Furnace Installation Services in Cochrane and Calgary

If your old furnace is faulty, it’s time you get a new one installed. Trust the heating technicians at Problem Solved Plumbing and Heating when you need furnace installation services in Cochrane and Calgary. Customer satisfaction is important to us, which is why we carry out the installation process with the utmost care and dedication. We operate with full transparency and will keep you informed about all the work we are doing.

Give us a call to install the perfect furnace for your needs. 

Furnace Replacement Services

Considering replacing your old furnace? Count on us for reliable furnace replacement services in Cochrane. From furnaces running on natural gas and propane to fan coil furnaces, our team can work on them all. Call us right away to learn more about our services or to book an appointment. Our 24/7 emergency services are available to both residential and commercial customers in the area.

Get Your Furnace Ready Before the Winter

When the cold weather is fast approaching, it is better to be prepared than to be sorry. It is a perfect time to install a new furnace or replace the old one. A more energy-efficient furnace will mean less money spent on heating during the winter. In some cases, this can more than recoup the costs of purchasing a brand-new system. In fact, some systems now contain features that help stabilize comfort throughout your entire home. These are just a few perks of replacing your old furnace with a newer model. At Problem Solved Plumbing and Heating, our team can replace broken furnaces beyond repair with newer energy-efficient models or install new furnaces so that you get improved home comfort in a few simple steps.

Benefits of Upgrading to a New Furnace

Upgrading to a new furnace with our furnace installations comes with a set of benefits. These include:

  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Improved home comfort
  • Lower repair costs
  • Better airflow with less noise
  • Reduced carbon footprints
  • Reduced pollutants due to cleaner air
  • Smart and modern solutions

You can count on our knowledgeable technicians to provide you with the right services, from installations to regular furnace repairs and maintenance.

Humidifier Installation and Replacement

Humidifiers are mainly known for adding moisture to the dry air. Installing a humidifier can help you improve the indoor air quality to add comfort, and also alleviate the symptoms of various health conditions such as snoring, nosebleeds, sinusitis, congestion, and dry skin. Get a humidifier installed today! We also offer humidifier replacement services.

Schedule Your Furnace Installation

Does the furnace in your home need to be replaced? Are you moving to a new home and require a new furnace to be installed? You can rely on us to meet all of your furnace replacement and installation needs in Cochrane and Calgary. Schedule a furnace installation with us, or call us at  403-477-0933 to know more about our heating and cooling services.

Get a New Energy Efficient Furnace

Choose from our wide range of furnaces in Cochrane & Calgary.

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