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septic tank services

If you live in a rural area or small community in Canada or have a cottage, you likely have a septic system. Septic systems comprise a tank, a network of pipes, and billions of microorganisms that process your toilet waste. Even though your septic tank can work for many years without any issues, septic tank problems do arise, and they usually have to do with certain fixable issues. Read on to see what 5 of these septic tank issues are.

  1. Tree Roots Tree roots are always seeking out water, and a septic tank is an abundant source of water for them. You might get leaks in your septic tank when or if these tree roots try to get inside your septic tank. Of course, you should avoid planting trees near your tank, but if you already have trees, then you can notice any leakages caused due to them, by looking for patches of oddly healthy grass, sewage on your lawn, and odours.

  2. Clogs If your guests ended up throwing non-biodegradable materials into your septic tank, because they were not aware, then this could cause a clog in your septic tank. Sludge can also cause this. Common non-biodegradable substances in septic tanks are diapers, paper towels, and tampons. You will notice that if this is the case, your showers and sinks will take longer to drain, a clear sign that there's a need for septic tank troubleshooting.

  3. Line Leaks One of the main ways to ensure you avoid septic tank issues is by regularly maintaining and cleaning your pipes. These pipes carry sewage into the septic tank or effluent out of it. It can get clogged up due to the non-biodegradable substances mentioned above or due to heavy rainfall.

  4. Excess Water Avoid overfilling your septic tank system, because the excess water will cause your drainfield (which releases effluent or liquid waste to the soil so the soil can naturally absorb it) to be overfilled and overwhelmed. As always, keeping your septic system maintained properly, especially during the rainy season, is crucial.

  5. Hazardous Chemicals The way your septic tank works is that it uses bacteria to break down the solid waste. If you are pouring down hazardous chemicals that will kill these bacteria, your septic tank issues will compound. Avoid pouring anything down into your septic tank that is not meant for it. Only use items that are safe for use with septic tanks - your manufacturer or supplier will be able to provide you with a list.

Septic Tank Problems Solved

A septic tank needs regular maintenance, more so than a regular toilet. But it's well worth the effort, considering how environmentally friendly it is. If you are having septic tank problems, then you need to contact the experts at Problem Solved Plumbing & Heating to get them repaired. We provide reliable septic tank maintenance and servicing in Cochrane and the surrounding area.


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