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Easy Fixes for Your Drain Problems


Imagine that you're trying to do the dishes so that you can cook your favourite meal, but the sink won't drain. You don't think there are any major drain problems, but what do you do?

A similar conclusion may have led you to look for answers. Luckily, we can provide those answers for you. If any of your drains are clogged, we have listed some easy fixes below.

If your drain problems are simple ones, all you need to do is follow the solutions we suggest. You'll be back to using water as needed in no time!

Fixes for Drain Problems

There are many simple fixes for drain problems. Try using these most common ones before you try anything else. Odds are one of these methods will solve the problem for you.


A plunger is one of the easiest ways to fix an ongoing drain problem. The most common thing plungers are used to fix are clogged toilets, though they can be used for other types of clogs.

Plungers work in a very simple way. All you need to do is place the plunger to create a tight seal around the drain, then move the plunger vigorously up and down until the water level reduces.

Hot Water Flushing

While using the plunger, you should also consider using hot water instead of cold on a clogged drain.

Flushing a drain using hot water is known to help loosen a clog far easier than cold water. This is due to a combination of hot water, growing water pressure, and force.

If hot water isn't quite enough, you can consider using vinegar to help dissolve the clog further.

DIY Drain Snaking

You may not have known this, but you can snake a drain yourself. Snaking a drain is what it's called when you sneak a wire into the drain to manually remove the clog. You can either use a homemade snake out of a wire coat hanger, or you can purchase one online.

To unclog a drain, all you need to do is carefully insert the snake and rotate it clockwise. Once you remove the clog, continue to flush the drain with hot water. This will help remove any residue.

If all of these fail, then you should consider finding a plumber in your local area.

Regular Drain Cleaning

We would be remiss to point out that preventative maintenance is the easiest way to keep a drain from clogging. If you do regular work on your drains, you'll never have to worry about a clog again.

Cleaning your drains regularly will save you money, time and effort, and stress.

Reach Out to Problem Solved Plumbing in Cochrane

Now that you know how to fix your drain problems, you have the tools you need. Don't forget to reach out to us for regular cleanings or any emergencies you might have.

All you need to do is fill out this form. We'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Don't wait and let your problems become emergencies. Reach out to us today so that we can help you fix your plumbing!


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