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Plumber repairing water heater

Imagine getting yourself geared up to enjoy a hot, relaxing shower, only to get in and realize you're dealing with lukewarm water. Hot water isn't just vital for your showering comfort; it is important for other needs like cooking and cleaning. Whether you're washing your hands or setting your washing machine to cycle, you need your water heater to work. If you've realized your hot water is not working, read to discover five common causes of hot water issues.

1. Tripped Breaker

If you have an electric water heater, a tripped breaker could be the culprit if it's stopped working properly. Just like any electrical appliance in your home, your water heater is vulnerable to power surges or shorts that can cause a breaker to trip. Check your electrical panel for any switches flipped to the off position, and then see if the corresponding label indicates the water heater.

2. Sediment Buildup

No hot water can also result from high levels of mineral buildup from hard water. This sediment buildup gathers at the bottom of the tank and can prevent the water in the tank from reaching the heating element. Regular maintenance of your water heater, which includes flushing the tank, can help prevent this sediment buildup from becoming a problem.

3. Failing Heating Element

At the bottom of the tank, there are one or more heating elements that work to raise the temperature of the water. Over years of continued use, these elements can wear out and need replacing. Two issues can present when the problem is a failing heating element. You could experience consistent lukewarm water or a short supply of hot water. In either case, a heating element needs replacing. A professional plumber can determine the faulty element and complete the necessary repair.

4. A Broken Dip Tube

The dip tube is a component that pushes the cold water toward the bottom of the tank, where the heating element can heat it. A damaged or defective dip tube causes the cold water to remain at the top. Here, it mixes with the heated water causing it to become lukewarm. A new, functioning dip tube, installed by a professional plumber, ensures that the cold water is directed properly to the heating element.

5. Worn Out Water Heater

It may be that your water heater has simply reached the end of its lifespan. If you've had to call for multiple repairs, or your water heater is over eight years old, a replacement may be the best consideration. You might find that a more efficient model is available to suit your needs.

Get Help With Hot Water

Don't experience the letdown of lukewarm water in your home. If you aren't experiencing the hot water you want, it may be due to one of these top five reasons. The good news is, that they're an easy fix for a trained professional. Let us help with your water heater issues today. Contact Problem Solved Plumbing and Heating knowledgeable and experienced staff for water heater repairs and installation in Cochrane, Calgary and surrounding areas.


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