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new energy-efficient furnace installation

When you keep an old furnace around, there's a lot more at stake than cold nights. That's why it's important that you start replacing your furnace with a new energy-efficient model when you can. This way, you'll keep your house warm while enjoying all of this new furnace's other modernized benefits. But is an energy-efficient model that special? What advantages can you expect from the switch? Learn the answers to these questions, and you're ready for warmer nights and cleaner air. Below, we'll cover the benefits of replacing your furnace with a more updated, energy-efficient model.

Lower Utility Bills

If your utility bill average seems to get higher year by year, then it's probably time for a change. That's because a higher utility bill indicates that your furnace is overworking itself to function properly. Overworking means that it's taking up more energy than it should, resulting in a sharp spike in your utility bills. But by using an energy-efficient furnace, your appliance will function perfectly while using as little energy as possible. This also means that your furnace's lifespan will last longer, allowing you to avoid frequent replacements and repairs.

Better Airflow

Even if you like being warm during the winter, uneven airflow can make ventilation a pain to deal with. One area of your home might get too warm while another takes a long time to warm up. Even if you need to get warm, getting there might be too uncomfortable to deal with. Uneven airflow is caused by a furnace's inability to distribute air, producing inconstant temperatures throughout the home. But before you go out for a replacement, you might not know how often to replace your furnace filters. So before you open your chequebook for a new furnace, try switching out your filters. You might also want to hire a professional to diagnose whether there are other causes for uneven air flow besides a failing system. But if they do point to your furnace's system as the culprit, then it's time to switch to an energy-efficient model. An energy-efficient furnace will produce more even airflow, and not only because it's newer. It can also minimize contaminants from your air, which can decongest your airflow overall.

Quieter Function

Does the sound of your furnace bother you, especially at night? Then it's time to replace your furnace. That's because newer, more energy-efficient furnace models have higher-tech noise-dampening materials. Older devices simply aren't built like newer ones are, especially in terms of evolving to consumer demands, one of which includes quieter operation.

Winter Is Coming, so Start Replacing Your Furnace Today

If you're considering replacing your furnace, turn to an energy-efficient option. Not only will you have the satisfaction of lowering your carbon footprint, but your home will be a lot more comfortable from the switch too! At Problem Solved Plumbing & Heating, we know how important your heating & cooling system is for your home. That's why we offer great plumbing and heating services in the industry! So if you're a homeowner that needs a furnace replacement in Cochrane and the surrounding areas, contact us today.



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