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5 Reasons to Use a Professional to Clean and Unclog a Drain

slow draining sink

There are a few things that you should avoid doing with a clogged bathroom or kitchen sink. For starters, ditch the wire hanger and definitely do not call 911 as this person did. Read on to learn why you should hire a professional to fix your slow-draining sink. Explore 5 more reasons why you need a plumber to unclog a blocked drain, here:

1. Get to the Root of the Problem

Many people pour a liquid product down the drain to unclog the drain. While there may be some temporary relief, commercial products often fail to get to the root of the problem. They may do more harm than good and cause long-term damage to your pipes.

A professional plumber is going to investigate the blocked drain at a much deeper level than you can. Their training and tools allow them to diagnose complex issues that the typical homeowner cannot.

2. Professionals Use the Best Tools

Access to a plumber's toolbox is one of the main reasons to hire them. They have the right tools for the most complex jobs.

For the typical homeowner, it does not make sense to invest in expensive plumbing tools. They will not use them frequently enough to justify the purchase.

Take an electric auger as the perfect example. A professional Plumber uses motorized augers with cables up to 100 feet long. With tools like these, they can break up blockages that are deep into the home's piping system.

3. Certification and Licensing

Not any person can claim to be a plumber and work in Cochrane or Calgary. The Canadian government requires plumbers to meet minimum employment standards.

This involves the completion of schooling, an apprenticeship program, and multiple years of live experience. Provincial governments then require you to maintain a trade certificate in order to work.

4. Saves Time

Plumbers are trained experts in their craft. They have unclogged drains thousands of times. This means that they are efficient at identifying and unblocking clogged drains.

With a plumber's help, you can get your sink working in less time than if you tried it yourself. While you are wasting time watching YouTube videos and buying tools, a plumber would be done with the job already.

5. Prevents Future Issues

Not only can a plumber solve the clog, but they can also help prevent it from happening again. While investigating the clog, the plumber may discover a latent issue with your pipes.

For example, perhaps you have damaged pipes or a connection point that is likely to cause clogs. A plumber can implement changes to the piping system to prevent it from occurring again.

Your Guide to Fixing a Slow-draining Sink

You are now ready to bring in a professional for plumbing repairs. Trying to do it yourself is going to take longer and potentially result in damage.

Instead, a professional is licensed and trained to solve the problem. If you need help with a slow-draining sink, call Problem Solved Plumbing and Heating to schedule an appointment.


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